As of today, I am officially 20 days into the 60 Day PURE Bikram Yoga Challenge.  This is the first time I have ever done Bikram more than 4 days in a row.  Here are a few things I have noticed since my last update:

 – After 10 days in a row, my body started to ache in multiple places. I took it as a sign of “old injuries on their way to healing”

– Bikram is a lot like CrossFit; you’re constantly having to be “comfortable with the uncomfortable”….

 – Just as any other exercise, if you rush into postures without the correct technique and alignment, you end up hurting yourself.  ie: my right hammie/haunch area is super sore and over-stretched because I went too far into standing bow pulling pose without thinking about the correct set up.

– I’m becoming pretty good at standing separate leg, head to knee pose

  – I prefer the room to be really hot; because I don’t do this shiz for fun…I do it to sweat and some instructors are better at regulating the temperature than others. And when it’s not super hot and humid, well I’d rather be somewhere else.

 – My favorite cocktail to drink during class is AdvoCare Rehydrate+Nuun+sometimes a Spark.

– My bright pink lululemon bra and and scoop neck tank have accidentally died 2 towels at the yoga studio…oopsie!

– My best posture is rabbit, and every time the instructor tells me, “Nice, rabbit” I giggle to myself.  (do I really need to explain this?)

Here’s to 1/3 of the challenge down.  Until next time, enjoy this blog post shared by my friend Benjamin:

And…this silly video from lululemon: