If it’s true what they say and “you are what you eat” I’m pretty sure I would be a walking mix of AdvoCare supplements.

I have been asked more than a few times, what supplements I take.  But before I divulge my daily routine let me start by saying that although Rick and I have been taking and selling AdvoCare supplements for nearly two years; it wasn’t until about a year ago that I started taking it to the next level by being consistent with my intake and really using the products that suit each activity I participate in.  And while it is evident that the supplements haven’t given me the body of a Greek goddess, I can tell you that I feel great; I recover faster from workout to workout, and the days that I miss out on my Muscle Gain shakes I get really sad.

For All You Inquiring Minds; Behold My Supplement Secrets….

Everyday Use :
MNS Max 3 strip pack
4-6 OmegaPlex (fish oil)
1-2 ThermoPlus
3-4 Probiotic Restore Ultra
1 SPARK (usually 4-5 days/wk)

Before a run workout:
1 scoop Argenine Extreme
3 Catalyst

Before a CrossFit Workout:
1 scoop Mass Impact + 1 scoop Argenine Extreme
3 Catalyst
1-2 Muscle Strength (depending on if it’s a heavy weight workout)

Bikram Yoga:
1 scoop Argenine Extreme + 1 Rehydrate
*or sometimes; instead of the above:
1 Rehydrate + 1 Spark
3 Catalyst (before)

Post Workout (within 30-45 min):
2 scoops Muscle Gain + water or iced coffee
*if the workout is a long one or worthy of extra carb intake afterwards
1 Post Workout Recovery packet

When I Know I’m Going to Eat “Bad”:
2-3 Probiotic Restore
1 Digest-Ease
1 ThermoPlus

“Dang, Gina….Looks Like You Be Popping Pills All day….”
If that’s what you were thinking as you read this, well…yep, that’s about right.  I carry around my little bag of tricks, plus some shaker bottles, and 1-2-3 it’s that easy! And honestly, if I’m doing at least 2 workouts a day, sometimes 3, my body needs additional help to perform, recover, and restore.

“Man Cannot Live By AdvoCare Alone”
While I am very aware that some people believe you can get all the vitamins and minerals and protein your body needs from food, I cannot stomach that much food.  Plus, how many minerals and vitamins do you think are really left in our fruits and vegetables when they are picked too early, shipped all over the US, and sprayed with who knows what?  I don’t have the room in my stomach, nor the desire to eat 6 chicken breasts, or a thousand boiled eggs, or 10 cups of spinach, or 20 oz. lean meat everyday, all day.  

I will however, tell you that I have learned the hard way, by wanting to die mid-workout or eat my arm off because I was starving, that packing only protein powders and nuts for the day, just isn’t enough.  Which is why in addition to my supplements, I try to pack real food as my main source….hence the word: supplements.

So, there you have it.  I’m sure I have left something off the lists above.  I know this may look like a lot to some of you, but have you seen your grandmother’s cabinet of prescription medication?? That’s what I’m trying to avoid one day.  It’s important to know that each person’s supplement needs vary; so if you have any questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to email me.