A few weeks ago Rick told me that Anytime Fitness was going to be running an ad about, “Working Out Sucks”.   To which I think I may have replied, “Really? That’s stupid”, and didn’t think anything further. 
 Then….. I heard the ad on the radio one morning and thought, “Wow….Way to go, Anytime Fitness.  Working out doesn’t suck.  In fact, I LOVE to workout and most people who workout regularly, don’t think it sucks.”  Or do they?… 
Turns out, I wasn’t the only person “offended” by the commercial. A few of my twitter friends didn’t get the “working out sucks” ad either.  However one of my friends, had a great point and tweeted,
“It does (suck) when you’ve never been in shape, never had the joy of a PR, etc.  Bad marketing, but I remember.”
There’s actually a few times that I have said during a workout, “This sucks”.  Just the other day when I was doing my long run alone and bored of talking to myself I thought, “Running sucks.” (I really meant running alone sucks).  In fact, I have a few clients that have told me if exercising wasn’t necessary for their health, they wouldn’t do it, nor do they particularly like to workout but do so, because they know they need to. 

My point is this, not everyone enjoys and loves to workout. Not everyone sees the value and importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle.  Which brings me to the point of the overall “Working Out Sucks” ad:

“Working out sucks, but the alternatives suck more” is the premise behind the commercial and the title to the book written by the CEO of Anytime Fitness, Chuck Runyon. 

“Working Out Sucks” is a provocative marketing campaign designed to grab attention by combining long-overdue honesty with compassion and practical advice (anytimefitness.com)
So, before I got my panties in a wad, maybe I should have researched the approach behind the commercial and watched this video. It all makes a little more sense, now.