“It was then that I learned to let go…it is now that I truly breathe” 

I saw this quote in the Bikram Yoga 108 studio in New Orleans.  And I thought, “How fitting is this quote for my practice, and my life in general?”  Since I last updated on the 60 day challenge I was frustrated, “injured”, about to quit, and here I am with only 4 more classes left!  In the past 55 days, I’ve learned to “let go” of being competitive with myself in the yoga room, I’ve learned to “let go” of expectations on how I will perform, and I really have began to not only breathe, but to just do the yoga, listen, move, and stay focused on the overall goal. 

I’m a Serrano; Seeking Habanero Status

What does this mean? Well, at PURE Bikram Yoga, 50 classes completed you’re a
Habanero.  55 classes a Serrano. 60 Classes a Habanero…the hottest pepper there is.  And believe me when you leave a 90 minute class that averages 105-110 degrees and 45-55% humidity; you are one hot pepper!
So…What’s been going on between my 35th class and 56?

Purist:  I think it’s safe to say that my body has become very efficient at detoxing and doesn’t handle “retoxing” quite as well; which I found out the hard way the weekend of my birthday celebration.  Or perhaps I did a little too much “retoxing” in one night.  Either way, purist or not, I realize with all this detoxing I’ve become more of a “light weight” than I already was, if that’s even possible.
Colon Irrigation in “The Big Easy”: Hannah and I visited Yoga 108 in New Orleans the weekend we were there for Mardi Gras. I joked, “I wonder if everyone’s sweat is going to smell like king cake and hurricanes?”, and I’m here to report, it did not. 
We went to the 9am class and I was surprised to find it wasn’t packed; because I guess people in New Orleans actually have jobs….not like in Austin, where I swear no one works.  It seems like every class is packed no matter what time of day it is.
However, the Saturday class was jammed to the max and it was hot as balls! I know this not only because I felt it, but also because you can see the temperature gauge in the room and it said 114 degrees and 60% humidity.  It took everything I had to stay calm and focused and not be pissed off the entire time.  
My most memorable part of Bikram in NOLA was when we were in this pose…
…..when the teacher said, “This posture is irrigating your colon. Think of it as an irrigation system flushing through your colon” and all I could picture as we were lying there was a sewer plant with fountains all operating inside my colon, I chuckled a bit, looked over at Hannah to see if her mind was also in the state of a 13 year old boy and of course, it was.
“Melisa, make sure your toes and heels are touching”
There are quite a few postures in Bikram when the teacher says, “toes and heels touching” and need I remind you with the picture below that touching my toes is pretty much impossible because of my ginormous bunions? I always find it comical when I’m “called out” to put my toes together.  I mean, look….you think these bad boys will ever touch one day? Fat chance.
So, that’s what I’ve been up to in the Bikram Yoga world the past 20 days.  4 more days and I’ll be a habanero!