I know you’ve all just been dying for the final post on my 60 Day PURE Bikram Yoga Challenge.  Due to our computer crashing last week, I’m just now getting to it.  Enjoy…
When I was in high school and wanted to get my belly button pierced my mom told me, “when you get a six pack, you can get your belly button pierced”. It was if she knew 15 years ago that her daughter, no matter how how much she dieted and over-exercised, would never have a six pack.
Well, my friends…60 classes of Bikram yoga in 54 days and I’m here to report that….wait for it…..
I still don’t have a six pack. In fact, I’m probably the only person in the 60 day challenge that didn’t lose a single pound (aside from water weight).  And I’d be lying to myself if I said that wasn’t one of my motivations for doing the challenge.  However, I’m over it because aside from long lost six pack and “so 10 years ago navel piercings”, there is quite a bit I did improve throughout the challenge.
Most improved area(s) of my body:I feel like my legs are more trim/toned (why can’t it ever be the area of the body you actually need work on) and I lost an inch and a half in my hips. I’m also certain I lost any sign of “apple bottom” I may have had before. Which I’m thinking is a lost cause anyway cause apparently flat asses run in the family. 
Most Improved Posture:
Savasana (dead body pose) and staying still between standing postures.
I know what most of you are thinking, “How hard is it to lay on your back; what’s there to improve?”
You try to not move or wipe sweat as it beads up and rolls down your body, tickling you till it falls to the floor. Or try looking at yourself in the mirror and noticing your mascara is smeared and not reaching up to wipe it, hair hanging in your face, wedgies, all going un-fixed, un-touched.  In the past 60 days, I’ve become very good at ignoring minor things in the yoga room and focusing on just the practice and the yoga.
Favorite Class:
Feb 15: My birthday. Casey had the class sing “Happy Birthday” to me during both sides of the triangle posture.
Feb 24: The 545am class with Edy. I was super tired and was doubting why I was in class and not asleep, but Edy’s energy and humor made the class so much fun, I forgot all about wanting to be anywhere but in the yoga room.
“Don’t Think, Just Do”
This is one of the phrases that is often said during class. In other words, don’t stand there too long and think about when and if you’re going to get into the posture; just do it already.  Just like making exercise a priority in your everyday life. You shouldn’t approach your day wondering whether or not you’re going to workout. Rather, you should just know to get it done, without thinking twice, before the motivation escapes you.
“Change Is Good”
This phrase is printed on most of the PURE material. My friend saw it on my water bottle once and asked, “Is that a joke? It’s the same class every time. Nothing changes” Yes, while the script, the sequence, and the postures may be the same every single day, the “change” is about your body, your mind, your spirit, your thoughts, your patience, your emotions changing over time, from day to day with each day you practice.  I can’t tell you that the past 6o days have changed my sailor mouth, but I can tell you that I have developed a sense of calm when things unexpectedly arise. I no longer overreact to things/situations I may have before.
I think the most important thing I’ve learned throughout this challenge is that I really can do what I set my mind to do.  I’ve always thought of myself as determined, but now I know I must be.  Either that, or just plain crazy. There were plenty of times I could have easily talked myself out of going, or talked myself into “sitting out a posture” or making up an excuse to leave a class early in the past 60 days, BUT I did neither of these.  It was with “bengal tiger strength and English bulldog determination”, as Bikram says, that I was able to finish the challenge…well, that and lots of AdvoCare products! (shameless plug)
Thank you to Michael for talking with me after class and encouraging me to stick with the challenge, and thank you to all my friends and Rick for putting up with my stinky-stank sweaty self day after day.