Prepare yourself as I step on my soapbox…
I saw this picture on Facebook the other day with the caption, Nothing says CrossFit like the Reebok Super Ramp RL 7.0 Elliptical…..”
And then it made me think of this shirt

And, then I thought, “Heaven forbid….somebody does something other than CrossFit.” (Insert eye roll and pissed off tone of voice)
Here’s my beef with these two scenarios.  First, the elliptical pictured above is not a CrossFit specific elliptical, and if it was big deal….at the end of the day it’s still a method of conditioning.  Yes, probably one that most seasoned CrossFitters would scoff at, but as someone who doesn’t live and die for CrossFit alone, and as someone who trains clients with different types of methods (not just CrossFit), and as someone who understands that not every body, nor everyone wants/needs to do CrossFit to be in shape, to get a good workout, to feel better about themselves; it disturbs me that some people forget where they once were, or where most people start.
Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not hating on CrossFit. I am a CrossFit coach. I do CrossFit myself, but I also do other things. I even enjoy the elliptical from time to time. And if that makes me less of a “CrossFitter” in someone’s opinion, I could honestly care less.
Remember Where You Came From
I would bet that 4 out of 5 people who do CrossFit didn’t just wake up one day, roll out of bed, and decide to join a CrossFit gym. Rather, I’d say the majority of the people (aside from ex-athletes) filling CrossFit gyms started in a regular gym, doing bicep curls, lat pull downs, on the elliptical, or in a step class, kickboxing, spinning class, on the stair climber, playing racquetball, or hell…even the recumbent bike.  We all started somewhere. We all have to. So, to say doing the elliptical is a “fail” or mock someone for choosing to do any other exercise than CrossFit is not only ridiculous, but it’s also very small-minded. 
At Least They’re Doing Something
In a nation where the leading cause of death is heart disease, 1 in 3 people are obese; both having a direct correlation to inactivity, we should be grateful that people are moving at all.  I’m a fan of all kinds of exercise.  Anything that gets your heart rate up, gets you moving, sweating, makes you happy and feel better about yourself, I say,
“Rock on with yo bad self!” I think well all need to take a step back, get off our high horses, and be happy that people are actually making the commitment to a healthier and more active lifestyle, no matter the method.
And…Just For Funsies