When I started running in high school, I ran the same 4 mile route every day around the same exact pace.  I always told myself as long as I made it back to my house between 34-32 min, it was  a “good run”.  Did it make me fast? Probably not. Did it get the job done? Sure.
If you want to be fast, you have to run fast, which means, you must train fast.
I have clients that tell me they would like to run faster, yet the majority of their running consists of going to the trails or running around their neighborhood and like my previous self, they run the same route at the same pace, again and again.  So…if this sounds like your routine and you aren’t seeing the pace results you would like , then it’s time to Change.It.Up!
3 Mile Loop: Interval Training
The workout below isn’t rocket science; it’s basic interval training which should be a part of any running program.  This is what I did today on Lady Bird Lake trails.  It’s simple and familiar for most people who live in Austin and run on these trails, and best of all, it can be completed in 25 min (or less if you are a speedster).
Park under Mopac Bridge and start your 3 mile loop running towards the Lamar Bridge.
The Workout:
5 min warm up (easy pace)
6 x 90 sec covering as much distance as possible / 90 sec easy-moderate pace
3-4 min cool down.
Your goal should be to complete the 3 mile loop as close to 25 min or less if possible.  Now, I know some of my faster running friends are thinking “25 min for 3 miles? That’s kinda easy.” Remember, this isn’t an all out 3 mile time trial.  8-9 minutes is spent warming up and cooling down. 9 minutes is the actual “working time” and 9 minutes is the “moderate-easy” pace.
Playlist Bonus
I don’t usually listen to music when I run, but today I was in the mood for some running jams.  Below is a sample of my playlist; a special bonus for reading my blog 🙂
Take on this workout next time you head out to the trails or around your neighborhood and let me know how you did!