There’s two important phrases that play over in my mind when I think about taking on something new in my life. 
“What have you done that has changed your life significantly from a year ago, two years ago, three years ago?” more importantly, “What are you doing today that will get you to where you want to be in the next 3-5 years?”

“If you don’t do it; somebody else will”
When I think back on where I was three years ago, the decisions I made, the adventures and risks that were taken to bring me where I am today, I am full of gratitude.  Let me start by saying, this post isn’t to talk about all the wonderful things I’ve done or that have happened in my life, it’s about taking chances and the realization of how things become full circle in life.  How stepping out in a leap of faith and opportunities we take and miss, impact where we are today and in turn, who we begin to impact, and help change in the next 1-3-5 years; even lifetimes.
  Pictured above 3 years ago beside me, are two of my bestest friends, Karen and Jessica.  This was our first CrossFit competition, Fight Gone Bad, and we had been doing CrossFit for less than 3 months.  Three years ago, we took a chance to try something new; something different.  Three years later, we are all CrossFit coaches, loving the sport, the people we have met through CrossFit, and best of all, these two ladies are going to the
 2012 CrossFit Games to compete for  Team CrossFit Central.  I am so proud of them for breaking barriers and accomplishing their goals.  Have their lives and the lives of others changed significantly in the last 3 years? Definitely. And I guarantee, they wouldn’t have it any other way.
Three years ago I finished grad school, got married, and Rick and I began talking about opening Anytime Fitness.  As scary, stressful, and insecure of a decision it was to make, we knew “If we don’t do it, somebody else will.”  We also knew that we wanted to do something greater, something that would impact more lives beyond just our personal training clients.  We wanted to help the community and families of Fredericksburg become healthy and active as much as we could.
Mid April of this year marked our two year anniversary of being open.  There are so many members I could talk about and how proud I am of them, but Brooke and Amber are the two closest examples I have watched, grow, change, and begin to influence others’ lives through their newfound passion and excitement for health and fitness.
Brooke was one of my first success stories as a client.  She went from a semi-active, stay-at-home mom, to two years later a competitive road racer, CrossFitter, supermom, Primal eater, and a certified personal trainer at Anytime Fitness in Fredericksburg.  Not only has she transformed her own life, but also her family’s, and the clients she now has.  She’s setting an example for her children on the importance of eating healthily, being active, meanwhile helping others achieve the same goals she has accomplished. Two years ago, she stepped outside of her comfort zone, joined the gym, committed to exercise and eating healthier, and since then she’s turned her hobby into her passion, her profession.  I couldn’t be more proud of the impact she is making and all that she does.
Amber graduated from college two years ago and has worked as our office manager for a little over a year.  In this time I have seen her transform her body by losing almost 20 pounds and several inches all over, she’s stepped into her managerial role by maintaining our members and doing the dirty work, all with a smile on her face.  Her most recent endeavor that really shows just how big her heart is for helping people is organizing, planning, and setting up the brAVERY 5k.  A few months ago, Amber read “Avery’s Bucket List” blog, was touched by her story, and decided that Anytime Fitness should help Avery cross off two of her bucket list items: running a 5K and raising awareness for SMA.  This isn’t a project we asked her to do, and technically she’s not getting paid for it.  This is something she decided to do on her own; knowing it wouldn’t be an easy task, she stepped out in a leap of faith, took a chance, and the first annual brAVERY 5k will be held on August 18th.  Two years ago, when Amber graduated from college I’m sure the last place she thought she would work was a gym  Fast forward to today, she’s managing the gym, studying to become a personal trainer, and changing lives along the way.
“Every single thing you do matters.
You have been created as one of a kind.
You have been created in order to make a difference. You have within you the power to change the world.”
-Andy Andrews
What are you doing today to be where you want to be in the next 3 years? 
What have you always wanted to do that if you don’t take that chance, somebody else will?  In case no one has ever told you this, you don’t have to use your college degree, you don’t have to work 8-5pm, and you don’t have to settle. 
Make a move, take a chance, before you miss the opportunity.