“I’ve spent the last two years forcing my body to adapt, omitting foods and food groups in the hopes I would see amazing results of what I thought my body would look like after consuming massive amounts of meats, vegetables, nuts, fats…. And here I am, two years later at a crossing roads of what I thought I knew vs. what everyone was telling me to do vs. feeling great, yet feeling “bigger” than I’m comfortable with vs. telling myself it’s ok because it’s Paleo and you’re strong, and dealing with issues that were beyond my control, beyond the food itself”
Here’s my rationale from Part I, not as if I need to give it but just in case you’d like one. 
I am NOT Paleo; I eat Paleo-like foods.
1. The Paleo Box
When people assume you eat Paleo, you’re put in a box of “That’s not Paleo; I thought you were Paleo. Oh, you’re not Paleo?”  I don’t prefer to be in that box.  I eat clean, not Paleo, period.
2.  I don’t have a problem with eating or food.  I have a problem with not eating.
To be honest, the task of eating is bothersome to me. I like to eat when I want and not when I don’t.  When I was eating Paleo I would go hours without eating, fueling myself on mostly fats, eating 2x/day and maybe one snack.  This obviously was not working wonders for my metabolism.
3. Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat.
We’ve all heard this and while it’s true, it surely wasn’t making me lean.  I like to think of the saying, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”  Why would I intentionally add oils to my foods, start eating bacon, cooking with coconut oil, and eat more avocados just because it’s Paleo? Why force myself to add unnecessary fats that I’ve never eaten on a regular basis to fuel me, yet not get my body composition to where I wanted it to be?
Smaller Meals, More Frequent, Less Red Meat, and yes, Less Fat.
You know they say, “Hang around people you want to be like”, or “if you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people”…I’m not taking advice from someone who is lift big, eat big. Rather, I am taking advice from someone who has not only had proven success, but someone I would want to look like.  Someone who is fit, lean, healthy.  I am currently working with Jess Clark on making myself eat more frequently, following a schedule and menu of clean foods.  It’s portioned; it’s regimented; it’s working for my body.  For right now, this is what I need to be doing and where I need to be.  I’m two weeks in and am feeling great, less bloated, less puffy AND more like my old self.
 I’m not saying this is for everybody and I’m not dismissing the Paleo diet.  It didn’t work for me, and I may not have been following it like a true Paleo-ite may.  I know how my body feels now, and compared to what it was “Paleo” is night and day.  Forcing myself to follow something that obviously didn’t work well for me, would be like forcing my size 10+ feet into a size 8 every day.  It’s painful, it’s unnecessary, why do it?