Disclaimer: This is my personal experience, thoughts, views, body. 
Take what I’m about to say “For What It’s Worth”….
I’ve finally come to terms with this fact: 
The Paleo way of eating does not agree with my body.
Before, you get your Paleo panties in a wad, read on as I explain.
I’ve spent the last two years forcing my body to adapt, omitting foods and food groups in the hopes I would see amazing results of what I thought my body would look like after consuming massive amounts of meats, vegetables, nuts, fats…. And here I am, two years later at a crossing roads of what I thought I knew vs. what everyone was telling me to do vs. feeling great, yet feeling “bigger” than I’m comfortable with vs. telling myself it’s ok because it’s Paleo and you’re strong, and dealing with issues that were beyond my control, beyond the food itself.
The Video and Words That “Changed My Life” 
About 4 months ago, after my 60 Day Yoga Challenge and training for a half marathon, I had hit a point of frustration in my training.  Here I am, an athlete, training multiple times a day, eating 80-90% clean, and struggling to get lean; continuing to gain weight.  I saw this video posted on Facebook, decided to watch it, and what I heard sent me immediately to the doctor.

“If you are eating clean and you are not getting rid of the weight and holding onto weight, YOU HAVE OTHER FACTORS GOING ON. You should be getting those blood panels done”Brian MacKenzie

You Want Me To Do WHAT?
So….Went to doctor. Asked for blood panel test. Had a consultation with her. Here’s what she said. 
“We’ll go ahead and do a blood panel, but I think you should try eating 900 calories a day for the next month and see if that helps.  You may not be burning as much as you think when you workout; so try this until we get the results back”
I nodded. Said OK. Got in my car and thought,
“This b*tch is crazy. But if she wants me to eat 900 cals/day, done. I’m on it. I’ll show her I can do it, and that how much/little I’m eating is not the problem.”
Week later.  Only eating 900 cals/day.  Go back to doc for blood work results. She weighs me; I gained 4 pounds in one week. Clearly, her suggestion backfired.

“I’m Just Big Boned”

I used to think when people said, “I have a thyroid problem” it was like the chubby girl saying, “I’m not fat; I just have big bones.”  I’d roll my eyes, and think “uh huh…sure…”
That is, until I was the “big boned girl with a thyroid problem”

Long story short, my blood test showed that I have hypothyroidism.  And as much as I hate to use it as an “excuse” as to why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, there’s no denying that if you’re body’s not working the way it used to, something is going on at a deeper level than eating clean, working out, and the food itself. The hormones have a big job in the body and they’re not afraid to do it; or in my case, not do it!  I am currently taking medication to get my thyroid to function properly and go in for my 3 month blood test in a few weeks.

So What Does All of This Have to Do With Paleo-Faileo?

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