Do you spend your time being a people-pleaser,
or do you focus on pleasing the people that matter most?
I was inspired to write this morning after I saw this post on Facebook by my friend, Jonathan.
I couldn’t agree more with Jonathan.  Being comfortable with knowing that not everyone is going to like you, and that you don’t have to be bestfriends with everyone you meet, takes a lot of maturity and self confidence. 
Several years ago when I taught step aerobics at Texas State, I would get upset when people would take my class for 5 minutes, and then suddenly leave and not come back.  It took a while for me to realize and be ok with the fact that not everyone liked my style of teaching, the choice of my music, or just me, in general.  After the first several times it happened, I would just raise my hand, wave, and shout, “Bye, thanks for coming to class” and then move on to teaching the people who were most important, the people who wanted to be there.
Too many times we force relationships to work, we say and do what we think will attract others, and spend so much time, energy, and stress convincing others to like us, our products, our services, while ignoring those who truly want and need our attention the most. 
“Your life is about transformation, which takes place from the inside out….not conformation, which is someone’s external, superficial idea of who you should be”
-Joyce Meyer.
It’s amazing when you let go of trying to be everything for everyone and focus on being yourself for the people that matter, how much more you will grow, how many more of the right opportunities will be presented in your path, and how much more happy you will truly become.