“The average person processes 50,000 thoughts a day. And of those 50,000 thoughts, 80% of them are negative.”
This past weekend, Rick and I had the opportunity of hearing Bryan Dodge speak at an AdvoCare leadership training.  While he had so many great things to share with us, the one thing that got me thinking was the above statement.
While it is sad; I can see how this occurs.  Think about it. It’s very easy to wake up in a  happy, go lucky, good mood.  But then we turn on the TV watch the news and hear doom and gloom. Or we check our Facebook and see someone’s political views that are different than ours, and we get our panties in a wad.  We get honked at in traffic, we hear negativity on the radio, other people’s bad moods at work infect us, and before we know it, our day has gone from great to “gosh, I feel miserable.”
Say it Loud, Say It Proud
As a personal trainer, coach, and gym owner, it is my responsibility to motivate, inspire, and encourage others to be healthy, active, and positive in all areas of their life. Which is why I try my best to only post things to inspire people, not to boast, and not to brag, but mostly to encourage people to move, try new things, challenge them in some way to do something positive. 
If people find this annoying or think it’s an attempt to brag on an accomplishment, then I say “Great; and show me what you got, I’d like to applaud it, too”
 I would much rather read a status update about someone getting a raise at work, reaching their sales goal, setting a new PR in a lift or workout, breaking a weight loss plateau, posting pictures of their well-earned, lean body, children winning baseball games, gymnastics meets, etc…. than to read about someone’s latest migraine, how much they hate traffic, how horrible their day has been, how much they dislike a certain candidate, and “woe is me; my life is horrible”. 
(Image from techi.com)
If you look at how much time people spend on Facebook and Twitter according to this chart,
 and then we think about the 50,000 thoughts we process each day, I’d say that we could all stand to see a little more bragging, positive updates, a little more people saying it loud and saying it proud.
And if someone gets tired of you being so positive, well “let the haters, hate;” misery loves company and you don’t need to keep them company.
You get to choose what thoughts you process and what thoughts you send out. 
Choose happy, choose wisely.