Warning: this post may come off a bit harsh and it may sound like I’m pointing fingers.  I want you to know that when I post, I am also talking to myself, and while I don’t have to explain what and when I eat; I’m sharing this post to help guide you through your next foodie affair!
If you are my Facebook friend and happened to have seen my “His” and “Hers” cheat meal picture last night, you may have had the following emotions running through your head:
“Must be nice; I wish I could eat that.”
“Ugh, well if she can/does eat that, so can I.”
“I’d love to be eating that right now. That’s not fair!”
First of all,  “cheating” vs “treating” lingo doesn’t make a lick of difference to me. Especially since most of the time when we do indulge, it’s never really a “treat” for our body.  Butter, grease, sugar, and all other not-so-great foods do not warrant the word “treat.”  Which is why my “cheats” are few and far between. A “treat” for my body is a hearty protein shake, my morning Pump and Shred oats, or a big bowl of spaghetti squash with chicken sausage.
Let’s shed some light on this topic of “cheating”; shall we?
1. I have cheat meals; NOT cheat days.
This is how my week used to go: Monday through Thursday (mid-day) I’d be very on point with my nutrition and clean eating. Thursday night would roll around and I’d snack on chips and salsa, or something similar. Friday and Saturday nights I’d have a few cocktails, make late night bad food choices, and Sunday Rick and I would have a “cheat” dinner followed by “cheat” dessert. And then Monday, I’d start all over and vow to eat clean again all week.  This was NOT getting me to my goals. And if this sounds like you, you most likely aren’t where you need to be either; which is why I have been sticking to 1-2 cheat meals a week; not cheat day(s) after day. Change this in your routine and watch the breakthroughs happen.
2.  You feel like you’re “missing out” or “that’s not fair” when you see other people eat.
Let me remind you that “life isn’t fair” and that “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”.  Before you let those thoughts even consume your mind, think about what it is exactly that you feel like you are “missing out” on?  Are you missing the feeling of heartburn, gas, acid reflux, waking up bloated and having to wear your “fat pants” the next day?  Remember that everyone’s bodies are different, they digest differently, respond differently, metabolize differently, and what someone else eats and what you eat, shouldn’t make any difference to you or in your eating habits.  When you see a car on the road driving recklessly do you think, “It’s not fair they get to drive like that” or “I wish I could drive like that”? Chances are you probably don’t; so why do we feel that way when we see someone eating something we “wish” we were eating?  You won’t feel as though you’re missing out if you accept that you can eat those things, too you just choose not to. That’s a more positive and powerful approach to those negative thoughts.
3.  People Have Different Goals, No Goals, or Could Care Less…
It’s also important to remember that some people aren’t concerned with being healthy or their weight, so they eat the way they do and it usually shows.  On the other hand, some people are in “slim down/lean out” mode, “maintenance” mode, “24 Day Challenge” mode, or just “I eat to fuel my body” mode.  Whatever “mode” you may be in, or no mode at all, “cheat” meals are approached differently, not at all, or are everyday for all of the above.  Embrace whichever mode you are in, and keep doing what you know is going to get you to where you need to be, and most importantly what makes you feel your best.
4. My Cheats Are Strategic.
No cheat goes unplanned. I am always prepared by looking at the restaurant menu ahead of time and carrying my supplement arsenal in tow.  When I know I may be eating a little out of the norm, I always have my AdvoCare handy. My pre-cheat “cocktail”: ThermoPlus, Probiotic Restore Ultra, CarbEase, and DigestEase. These are a must for me.
5. Keep It Clean with a Small Indulgence
 At hopdoddy I skip the fries, get the gluten free bun instead, order the salad with a beef patty, and am completely satisfied. Cheat with a small indulgence.
Just because it’s your “cheat” meal doesn’t mean you have to get triple the servings. Stick to how you normally eat, and add some small indulgences.  Sometimes I’ll order my salad with cheese, or add some bacon to it.  Or I’ll order beef (instead of chicken or fish) at dinner, and keep the sides to veggies only.
Here’s the deal, I don’t sympathize with any of you.  I’ve been there, done that. I have a husband who can eat 6 cookies, an entire medium pizza, and still have a six pack.  Seeing other people eat things that I do not choose to eat does not phase me in the least.  I know that if I want to eat it, I can and if I want it bad enough, I will.  It’s only a matter of time before eating unhealthily will catch up to a person; unless they are a genetic freak of nature.   I also know that a person who eats 1500 calories worth of junk food, looks a hell of a lot different than a person who eats 1500 calories worth of healthy, clean food. Repeatedly eating like crap makes one feel like crap.  My ultimate advice is this: Get over it; move on; suck it up; and “cheat” wisely.