I read a devotional last night talking about being “Uniquely You, “ and alluded to the fact that we all have been given unique abilities, assignments to fulfill in our lives. And ended with the following: 
“Look back over your life. What have you consistently done well? What have you loved to do? Stand at the intersection of your affections and successes and find your uniqueness”
Max Lucado.

When I think back on what I have consistently done well and what I love to do, the first thoughts that come to mind are compete, workout, train, and help motivate others through coaching, teaching, training, building relationships, all with a passion for health and wellness.  I have great affections for all these things and have had relative successes, but personally it has never been about the success or the money (or the lack thereof) or trying to earn the title of “The Best Personal Trainer in Austin, Texas”.  The joke in college was that if you took the majority of your classes in Jowers (the PE/Health building at Texas State), you obviously weren’t going to college to “make money” when you got out.

This morning I was reminded of why it is that I do what I do, and why I love every second of it.  From the early mornings, to coaching in the cold and rain, from last minute cancellations, to taking naps in my car during breaks, to getting a sweet basket of surprises on your “2 Years of coaching bootcamp anniversary.”

“These are a few of my favorite things….”

It’s true what they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun”.  I can’t believe it has been two years since I have been coaching these ladies (and their kids-see below).  If I had known it was near our 2 year mark, I would’ve designed a workout consisting of multiple rounds of 24 of their favorite moves: burpees, man-makers, and wall ball….. 😉

I am grateful for these ladies and all of their hard work. Every single one of them has come a long way since the very beginning.  It has been a pleasure to see their successes, their strength and endurance improve, their bodies become leaner, their children grow up, and learning all about mommy-hood in the meantime. 
In fact, I swear that coaching these ladies and seeing how they are able to balance their workouts and children, while still having fun (I hear them talk about wine nights quite often) has been a godsend to me.  Before, I thought having children was “the end of the world” or the end of ever having adult fun, but they have shown me that it’s really only the beginning of a whole ‘nother lifestyle and that you can do it all. 
Cheers to 2 Years and More Ass-Kicking Workouts to Come!!