It is Day 7 of “Thankful November” pics.  Yesterday I received this in the mail; I’m am officially official in the CrossFit coaching world.  Due to procrastination in taking the exam; 3 years later – here you go, world.
However, we all know how I feel about a certification (see here).  To me, it’s really just another piece of paper that if chosen to display on the wall, people can say, “Oh, wow you’re CrossFit certified” and then move on to something else five minutes later.
I am not saying I’m not thankful for my CrossFit certificate.  What I am saying is that I am more thankful for the opportunities CrossFit has allowed me, and the doors it has opened to so many great people along the way. 
I am thankful for a community that recognizes and exemplifies beauty in strength. 
I am thankful for a sport that makes me challenge myself to compete both mentally and physically every single day; with every single workout.
I am thankful for the humbleness it shows me; that I am not perfect at everything; that not everything comes easy or naturally, and that at some point you cannot
“fake it till you make it.”
Most of all, I am thankful for the amazing friends I have made through the different CrossFit communities I have coached and trained with. I have met so many amazing men, women, children, and families that inspire me on a daily basis. 
Yes, the sport is great; yes, my increased strength capacity is great; yes, the “out of breath, this sucks, but feels so good” feeling is great; but what I truly love most is the people who make it great and who make my life even greater!