This month I am challenging myself to post a picture a day on Instagram of something/someone I am thankful for. I opened it up to my Facebook and Twitter friends and it’s fun to see who’s following along and the different things people are posting.
I remember doing something along these lines a few Novembers ago; below is a picture of the post I found from November 2, 2009.  The things listed then that I was thankful for, make me think “Oh, how time flies”.
Today is Day 5 of the things I am thankful for and here is what you’ll find on Instagram today: “I am thankful for AdvoCare for the champions they build on and off the field. From champion, world-class athletes, to champion mothers, fathers, children, leaders, businesses, and much more.” 
If Rick and I would’ve never said, “Yes” to AdvoCare, I know without a doubt we would still be struggling to keep our Anytime Fitness in Fredericksburg open. I would probably still be driving every single day to work in Fredericksburg; because we wouldn’t be able to afford someone to work the gym for us. Opening the gym just a few months after we were married and still keeping our personal training clients was a struggle not just on ourselves, but our marriage as well. We never had any time left over in the day to spend with each other, and the income opportunity that AdvoCare has allowed us; has without a doubt saved our marriage as well.
However, AdvoCare is about more than just us and that is why I am forever thankful for the opportunity is has provided not only us and our future, but our children’s future, our families’ future, and the future of so many of our clients and members who have also joined our AdvoCare team.
Aside from AdvoCare having world-class products that have helped numerous members of our family, clients, and friends regain their heath and achieve their fitness goals; the personal leadership development that Rick and I have received from AdvoCare is something I may have never experienced anywhere else. The leaders and top people in the company have devoted hours, and their personal time to pour into us all that it takes to be an outstanding leader to help our team grow into champion people, champion families, and champion leaders themselves.


I am thankful for the products; their safety, efficacy, and the doctors who put their reputations on the line to create something they can be proud of and that we can as well.
I am thankful for the opportunity it provides me to reach people beyond the hours in the day I have for personal training. Physically, I can only impact a certain number of people a day through personal training/coaching. However, AdvoCare gives me the opportunity to help change people’s lives/health/fitness/income on a broader basis, to reach more people, to sow more seeds of greatness than I otherwise could alone.