Consdier this Part II of: The Secret Behind Cheating
Because personal training is pretty much like a counseling session, and because as health nuts we all feel compelled to confess our deepest, darkest, “cheat meal” secrets in an attempt to make us feel better, I hear quite often the regretful woes from clients of
“I drank an entire bottle of wine last night” or “yep, I polished off every bit of that pint of ice cream” or “I ate an entire pizza and drank 3 beers yesterday”….
My usual response to the above is usually, “Well, I’m glad you got that over with; now it’s time to get back on track.”  This is the pivotal step in continuing your healthy lifestyle vs. repeating the habit day after day. Without hesitation, “get back on track” and form your recon mission.
Just in time for Thanksgiving and the holiday season; here are a few steps that I have found help relieve the bloat, the gas, the guilt, the pounds from creeping on, and ending up feeling like this….
To quote my friend, Chelsea Handler, “If you know someone who doesn’t agree that farts are hysterical; then they’re probably a terrorist”
It’s Thanksgiving; Enjoy Yourself For Baby J’s Sake
I know it is with best intentions, but when I hear people say, “let’s do a Paleo Thanksgiving” I immediately think to myself, “oh, great idea….let’s not.”  In my opinion, Thanksgiving is the one time a year where you are allowed to let loose a little bit; to enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie or your favorite holiday treat; without judgement.  The key words being “piece” or “serving” – not the entire pie or pan of dressing. 
Step 1: If you know you’re going to indulge: The Pre-Recon Mission
Workout. Any workout is better than none; but doing an interval/weight training workout will keep your metabolism revveed for a longer period of time vs. running your standard community turkey trot.  Try doing a CrossFit workout, sprints, or cardio intervals mixed with plyometrics and weights.  Little rest, focused intensity and you’ll burn up an appetite and your metabolism as well.
Step 2: Never Show Up Starving and Sans Supplements
Starving yourself in anticipation to feast at your next meal will immediately land you head first into an entire bowl of creamy artichoke-spinach dip; double-fisting anything and everything on the appetizer table.  Drink a protein shake; have a boiled egg and several almonds, or some other lean protein an hour before you head to your party/family gathering.  This will keep you from wanting to eat everything in sight; without ruining your appetite.
Pack your supplements. If you don’t take any; get with the the program.  My personal favorites can be found here: Holiday Survival Kit

The Damage Is Done; What Do I Do Now? The Recon Mission in 3..2..1.

Step 1: Don’t Take Home Leftovers. Give Your Leftovers Away.
You had your cake; you ate it too.  There’s no need to repeat it again tomorrow. 
Out of sight; out of mind. Period. If your family member says, “You’re hurting my feelings by not taking these leftovers” tell them, “Those leftovers are hurting my waistline.”

Step 2: Get Back on the Bandwagon; Get Out of Bed!
We all know “exercise is the best medicine” and while you may feel a gluten or carb hangover the next morning; the best thing you can do for yourself is to get out of bed and work it off.

Step 3: Continue With Your Normal Eating Patterns or Try A Mini Fast
The faster you can return to your routine; the less likely your body will even notice.  Or, try fasting for 12-16 hours. If your last meal was at 8pm; try doing the following until 12 noon:
Drink 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar + 4oz. water + lemon juice; then proceed with water the rest of the morning.  Black coffee or unsweetened tea is fine, but you really don’t want anything else in your system.  After your fast is complete; finish your day by eating mostly lean proteins, zero starchy carbs, and lots of fiber-packed veggies. 

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be feeling normal in no time! For more holiday tips and tricks head over to my Pump and Shred sista’s blog; Lean Living Holiday Survival Guide.

Here’s to Healthy, Happy Holidays!