Mark your calendars; the Spring Pump & Shred Shredder Challenge is almost here!
Enjoy your Spring Break vacations and then get ready to hit it hard for summer swimsuit season! 
When: March 17 – April 26th.
Why: These 6-week challenges are perfect for those looking for a jump start program, where Shredders learn how to eat clean, train smart, and live lean for long-term success! Oh, and of course lose body fat, shed pounds, and feel GREAT for Spring!
Where: 5 Fitness Training & Yoga with yours truly coaching YOU and your fellow shredders! Grab a friend, husband, sibling, co-worker, neighbor…
What you can expect from the 6 week challenge:
  • 6-Week Shredder Meal Plan and Tips for Success
  • Supplement Guide
  • Guide to Eating Out
  • Weekly Check-ins with Your Coach
  • Weekly Group Workouts
  • Weekly Pump & Shred™ Recipes
  • Weekly At Home Workout Plan
  • Shared group experience and support system
    Contact me for pricing, payment, and discount options.  Register soon; only 10 spots available.
    In Fredericksburg? No problem….You can join the 6 Week Shredder Challenge at Anytime Fitness – Fredericksburg with Brooke as your coach.