I was inspired to write this blog post during a spin class I was taking at Tetra Fitness this morning when the instructor yelled out during the warm up, “Spinning will not make your legs big. Lifting heavy weights will. Spinning tones them. We aren’t building big legs in here; so don’t be afraid to work” (Joe, I hope quoted at least some of that right) and I was glad that he mentioned that fact in class.

“I’d go to Spin class but I don’t want my legs to get bulky” 
“I don’t ride bikes because my legs get bulky really easily” 
I have heard those two sentences over and over since I began teaching cycling classes almost 10 years ago.  Below are some pictures from when I taught spin class about 3-4 times a week; sometimes twice a day, as well as rode a bike outside. I mean, I may be biased but these pictures don’t scream “Super Bulky Quads” to me. 

“Cycling doesn’t make your legs bigger, but bread and pasta do,” Holly Rilinger.
In case you aren’t just yet reassured by me; take a look at this article; it’s a great read for all those who are scared to step into the spin room in fear they may walk out with The Incredible Hulk legs: