What separates a Professional from the rest?
A few weeks ago the topic of “Going Pro” was addressed at LCH.  The definition given of a professional was:
“someone who professes who they are in everything they do.”
If one is to take the definition above seriously; “going pro” is not easy.  To me, this means that as a fitness professional, coach, gym owner, and Christ follower I have a big responsibility to practice what I preach in everything I do. 
I have set some goals in the next few months that required me to make the decision to not drink any alcohol and maintain a regimented, clean diet.  I made this choice and I decided to commit fully; to go pro.  I decided to undertake this not only for myself, but as a testament to my clients and people I am trying to influence; that it’s less important to “talk the talk” than it is to “walk the walk.” If I’m going to ask my clients, colleagues, gym members to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, I should do the same.  If health and fitness is truly my passion, my life, and my joy it needs to be professed in everything I do and say.
For example, while I was working out the other day I witnessed a personal trainer walk up to his client, eating a cookie and holding another in his hand saying, “I was so hungry when I woke up this morning. This is my breakfast.”  A part of me was shocked and a part of me wasn’t because I realize that not all trainers take their jobs/actions/profession seriously, which is a shame. 
This isn’t to say that I don’t ever choose to eat poorly or that I don’t take rest days; that would be a lie and unrealistic.  However, as a professional (and especially in the fitness industry) I understand that people are always watching for your next move, or your next mistake.  I’ve learned my lesson the hard way by posting a picture of my cheat meal one time on Facebook…
The following descriptions were given on Going Pro-Being Authentic
1) A professional is someone who shows up every day
When I’m tired, when I’m feeling negative or down in the dumps, when I’d rather stay home and watch TV….Going Pro means I get up anyway, I remain a positive attitude, and I get to work because people are relying on me to do what I do.
2) A professional is committed over the long haul
When I don’t see results after 2 hours/2 days/2 weeks of hard work, when the last thing I want to do is cook a healthy dinner when I get home….Going Pro means, I stay committed to the process regardless. 
3) A professional accepts no excuses (of themselves or others)
When I am tempted to have cocktails with my friends, when I may be “too rushed” to squeeze in a workout, when my clients give me lame ass excuses as to why they aren’t sticking to their plans/goals…. I should not accept them from myself, nor others. “Make a winning decision; get a winning result every time”
4) A professional does the right thing and lets the chips fall where they may.
This one is my favorite because it gives me peace of mind. If you or I truly stay the course, make the right choices, be consistent, when the chips fall where they may; we’ll be delighted in the outcome.
I leave you with this;