If you follow me on any and all of my social media outlets you have most likely seen me shout Pump & Shred from the rooftops. And while you may be aware of the name it has come to my attention that when my own mother doesn’t really know what it is, it’s time I explain just what I do with Pump & Shred; how it’s changed my approach to health, fitness, clean eating, and the lifestyle approach to all the forementioned.

First let me tell you what Pump & Shred is NOT based on assumptions people have expressed:
It is NOT a competition diet. 
We have no desire to turn our every day clients into fitness competitors. End of story.
It is NOT a 21/30/90 Day Challenge.
We don’t set you up for success that only lasts you a certain time period and then wish you “good luck” for the rest of your life.  We DO have 4-6-8-12 week transformations but our end goal with our programming is to provide you with blueprints and the knowledge to help you continue to eat clean, by knowing which foods to choose based on how much better you feel, perform, and helping you maintain a lean living lifestyle as if it’s second nature.
What Pump & Shred IS:
The Pump & Shred® program incorporates nutrition, supplementation, and workout plans proven to illicit ideal metabolic function, fat-loss, and muscle building, in a way that is tailored to the individual. The results-based program incorporates clean eating principles, macronutrient timing, basic supplementation, high-intensity interval training, weight training, cross-training, and cardiovascular training.

A Plan That Works If YOU Do
If you fully commit to the plan; you will get results. The plan is not magic; the magic lies in your consistency to follow through with it.  If you follow 50% of the plan and do 50% of whatever you want on your own, you are not truly on the plan.  In order for it to work, you have to commit to it – learn about your body and share in the responsibility of transforming. Coach Jessica just wrote a great post about “taking responsibility in the process” here.

Lifestyle Approach
As a Pump & Shred coach I realize the importance of not only encouraging my clients to live out the program once they have completed it, but also making sure that I do as well.  We all know and have had coaches who tell you to do one thing, yet engage in the complete opposite behavior as if they’re somehow exempt from living the lifestyle themselves.  I’m not asking for an all or nothing mentality approach or way of living.  I am asking you to give yourself a chance to find out what it feels like to feel your best and maintain without obsession or self-denial.  Denise, one of very own Pump & Shredder’s says it best:
A Program Tailored to the Individual 
I have had clients of all shapes, sizes, weights, and fitness levels go through the program. It’s not a one-sze-fits all approach and it’s not tailored to one specific group.  All results vary according to each individual and where they start and what their end goal is.  Your success is not determined by whether you lose 1% body fat or 15%. Sometimes the biggest success for clients is realizing how much better they feel, how much stronger they become, improved endurance, reduced cravings, attitudes that go beyond the calipers and the scale.
 Clean eating, smart training, supplementation, and accountability are all part of the program.
Let The People Speak

Amy Chow – Our Clean Eating Endurance Machine

so glad i did @pumpnshred w @melisaloo. almost 2 mos later & still mostly maintaining! feeling faster&stronger each day. extra protein #ftw
— amy c chow (@deadhope0) April 25, 2013

Annie, one of Coach Jessica’s clients:
“I was also learning how, what, and when to eat to fuel my body for my workouts and for everyday life. Overall, I loved how I felt, and the progress I was making. I continued to learn and to break bad habits. Another amazing aspect of the program is the level of accountability. If Jess saw my progress stall, she questioned exactly what I was doing and we made adjustments to the plan. This kept me focused and on track.”

Rachael, one of Coach Brooke’s clients:
“When I am diligent about eating what and when I am supposed to, my sweet tooth that used to get me into trouble is no longer an issue.  Now that my body is full of foods that are good for me, I am not craving foods that are bad for me.”

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