Today’s post features 20 minute treadmill booty burning, leg sculpting, HITT workout.

But before I get to that, I’d like to say that the internet is a beautiful thing.  Where else can you get information, motivation, inspiration, healthy recipes, and workout ideas at your fingertips, instantly?  

If you follow the right people on social media you’ll never have a dull, negative moment in your day.
In fact, Women’s Health Magazine posted findings from a study that says, “Dieters who used twitter to read and post updates and encouraging messages were more likely to succeed than non-tweeters” They also recommend “Find health-conscious women bloggers who chronicle their weight loss and follow them on twitter”.  

Today’s workout was fueled by my Twitter and Instagram #fitfam ladies: Jill Coleman from and Jess Holland.  These are just two of some of my favorite fitness ladies to follow.  

Workout Preface:
I knew I was short on time.  I knew I needed to do cardio. I knew I needed to do some isolation training. I love shoulder day. And I love to run. But in order to keep my booty from shrinking and my mind from going insane logging more than 20 minutes on the treadmill (distance running=pancake butt) I opted for this 20 min HITT workout.  It’s a mix of CrossFit Endurance training and the Jess Holland Treadmill Special followed by a 20 min shoulder workout posted by Jill on twitter this morning. 

If you only have 20 minutes to workout this treadmill workout is tha bomb and I encourage you to try it. Pictured below is the secret sauce to the Jess Holland Treadmill Special: lateral INCLINE treadmill run.

The Workout:
As posted above based on my running pace. If the warm up mile takes you longer to run, your workout may be a bit longer than 20 minutes, but probably not too much more.

Tabata Treadmill Sprints – Increase treadmill incline to 12%.  Set the treadmill pace to 20-30 sec slower than your “race” pace. For me that’s a 7:30/mile pace. 
 Complete 8 Rounds of: 20 sec sprint – 10 sec rest.

Then immediately move to the “Jess Holland Treadmill Special” 
(I shortened the usual intervals from 30sec to 20sec)
Set incline to 15%. Set treadmill speed to 3.5mph
Repeat 4 Rounds of:
20 sec forward walk
20 sec lateral run (right)
20 sec forward walk
20 sec lateral run (left)
Hop off treadmill and do 20 sec of lunge jumps

The incline lateral runs have become my new favorite obsession.  I typically do the cycle above 6x at 30 sec of each interval. Short. Sweet. Spicy. And to the point.

I finished the workout with shoulders and was on my merry way.