Breakfast. Since the beginning of time, it seems we’ve all heard “it’s the most important meal of the day.”  Multimillion dollar markets have been created and thrive by selling breakfast cereals, oats, eggs, bacon, Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits, Mc. Donald’s and Starbucks kill it between the hours of 530-11am.  

If you’re part of the CrossFit/Paleo/Primal crowd you’ve probably heard that starting your morning with bulletproof coffee, bacon and eggs is the way to go, or to skip breakfast all together and join the Intermittent Fasting camp. 

What’s right? What’s wrong? And you may be thinking, “Why can’t I just eat my granola and fat free yogurt with berries and honey or have my grande chai latte with nonfat milk, or can’t I just sleep in and skip breakfast all together?
My answer to all of the above questions would be; “Yes. You can continue to have all those things and sleep in and skip breakfast all together if you wish” But I will also tell you that depending on what your goals are; those above questions and answers may change.  If you are looking to lose fat, have more sustained energy throughout the day, and control your hunger and cravings, you may want to rethink your breakfast routine.  

To clear up some confusion and give you the best possible answers I can as to why eating a balanced breakfast is so important I am launching the…..
#TellMeMel “Shake Up November” challenge.  Over the next month, along with giving you weekly information, addressing common questions, and giving insight to all the “breakfast dos/don’ts/eat this/not that” as unbiased as I can I am going to encourage you to join me in starting your day with a shake.
Pictured: Jess Clark’s; (Creator of Pump & Shred) Pumpkin Protein Smoothie.
Recipe to be shared in an upcoming post. Peace Out, Pumpkin Spiced Latte!

Let me first state that as long as you are not drinking soy protein, I do not care if it’s Shakeology, Isogenics, AdvoCare, whey, pea, hemp, etc.  I want everyone to be included no matter who’s shakes you market, sell, or drink.  All I’m asking is for the love of sweet baby J; stop drinking soy protein.

Why start with a shake?
1) It’s easy
2) It’s fast
3) Both of the above eliminate any excuse to skip breakfast
4) Most people have “dessert” for breakfast (muffins, donuts, pastries, etc) which sends them straight to the front of the line for the 24 hour sugar roller coaster ride. 
If at this point you are rolling your eyes or still asking “WHY?” then I encourage you to follow along throughout November.  We have all month long to debate “to eat or not to eat” and to “drink or not to drink.”

On Monday I will explain all of the details; give you a grocery list with ideas of things to include in your morning shake, and release some of the giveaways that will be included throughout the month.  I want to make this as interactive as possible; so get your blenders, favorite recipes, cameras, and protein powder of choice ready.  The more you interact, the more chances you will have to win weekly!  

Lastly, notice I didn’t say “Get out your juicer.” This ain’t no juice cleanse; detox, or shake diet. It’s the “Let’s rev that engine with high quality, nutritionally balanced fuel first thing in the morning so you can bring your best self forward each day”, challenge!  

“What you eat for breakfast impacts what you crave, what you eat, and how much you eat at lunch, in the afternoon, and at dinner” – Dr. Jade Teta; Metabolic Effect.    

Why would you intentionally sabotage your efforts in the first hour of your day? 
Get ready to get shakin; friends!