…”The leanest people just eat.  They eat what they eat. It’s automatic” 
– Jill Coleman.

One of my favorite fitness bloggers, Jill Coleman, is known for saying “The best diet to be on, is one that you don’t know you’re on.” You also know you’ve escaped the “I’ll start on Monday trap” when you eat the same thing on the weekend that you would on a Monday; when you vowed to “eat clean and start your diet again.”
Most people fail to see long term results because they don’t understand the maintenance/lifestyle phase.  You grind and grind throughout the week, Friday evening rolls around and you feel as though you deserve a bottle of wine, and the cheese that goes so well with it, and then you may as well eat the chocolate/cookies in the cabinet because you’ve already fallen off the wagon and you’re not going to “be able to eat it on Monday.”  And then Saturday rolls around and a friend asks you to meet up for lunch; so you have cocktails on the patio because it’s so nice outside, and you just finished a hard workout at the gym so it’s totally validated, and oh…this place has the best guacamole and queso, so you order that as well but you order the salad to “keep it a little clean”.  Then Saturday night your significant other wants to go out for dinner and drinks, and you think “what the heck? It’s the weekend; I’ll start over Monday; let’s get it all in”……wine, bread, potatoes, steak, dessert, more wine…..Sunday brunch after church, afternoon beers and burgers on the grill….and in 8 more hours Monday will be here so you revisit those cookies/chocolate in the pantry.  

What you just read above is not maintenance; it’s not eating for health, it’s not eating for fat loss, it’s the yo-yo effect aka: The Monday-Reset Trap, and it will never yield long-lasting results and repeatedly done over time will wreck your metabolism.  

However, I also know that sometimes we just want a break from eating the same ol’ thing; which is why I try to find ways to make my same ol’ food a bit more interesting on the weekends so that it feels like I’m having a treat while still properly maintaining the results from all my hard work during the week.  Below is what I had over the weekend; and the same things can be eaten during the week when “you start over on Monday.”

Last week I ordered the spiral slicer below from amazon for about $40.  
As soon as it came in I went to the store and stocked up on Okinawan and regular sweet potatoes as well as yellow zucchini squash to appropriately break it in.

Behold my creations…….

I arranged these in a single layer on a baking sheet (sprayed with organic cooking spray), sprAnkled a bit of pepper and baked them for about 8-10 minutes on 400 degrees.  Watch the oven closely as I burned the first batch pretty badly.  You can flip them half way if you want, but it’s not necessary. Also, let them sit on the baking sheet (out of the oven) a bit longer to harden and get crispy.

I cut up 1 1/2 avocados, added about 5-6 chopped grape tomatoes, garlic, pepper, cayenne, fresh squeezed lime and wah-la….a much better, homemade oil-free version of Terra chips.  

I didn’t calculate nutritional information for this recipe because I don’t know how much guacamole and chips counts as a standard serving; as I can eat both for a snack all day, every day if left to my own devices.  Though, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out since there are only a whopping 3 ingredients: potato, avocado, tomato.

Next up…..

Spiral sliced squash primavera

Includes: (serves 2)
2 medium yellow zucchini squash
About 10 chopped grape tomatoes
2 handfuls of spinach
Throw in a pan over medium heat until squash becomes “noodle-like” texture

Serve your favorite protein on top.

Nutritional info for squash primavera (no protein): 1 serving
~63 calories
~ .01 grams of fat
~ 8 grams of carbs
~ 5.3 grams of protein

If the “I’ll start over on Monday” phrase sounds all too familiar for you; check out Jill’s blog post:
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