Hooray Day 1 of “Shake Up November” kicked off this morning with lots of my fitfam participating, posting, and snapping pictures.  I’m so excited about this entire month of swapping shake recipes, bringing back “breakfast” and sharing all kinds of information and giveaways with you all.  This week I’m giving away a box of AdvoCare Muscle Gain Packets; so keep shakin!

Allison’s shake: Whey protein + unsweetened almond milk + spinach + frozen berries + PB2 + ground chia seeds.

Bringing Back Breakfast and Bulletproof Coffee

If you know me at all, you know I have a beef with bulletproof coffee.  I remember clearly about two years ago my friend Benjamin recommending I give it a try.  After reading the ingredients to this “coffee” drink: tablespoons of butter and coconut oil, I swallowed the vomit in my throat and probably muttered something to the effect of, “UMMM….that’s NOT COFEE!”  What it should be called is “Butterdrank with a splash of caffeine”.  I personally prefer my coffee black; I prefer my butter to be eaten in cookies if eaten at all, and I don’t particularly care for coconut oil unless it’s used in Rick’s famous whirly pop snack.

However, people all over the world are drinking this so-called “heavenly” drink for breakfast in lieu of eating.  And I’m going to stop you before you say it yourself, “But aren’t you telling people to make shakes and drink that instead of eating breakfast?” 

Yes and No.  I’m encouraging whoever wants to participate in “Shake Up November” to switch up their breakfast routine or those who skip breakfast all together to have a shake most mornings instead of their usual “drive-thru”, pastries, over-processed breakfasts.  Here’s the difference: the shakes I am asking people to make include a balance of protein, carbs, and fats which should sustain their energy and cravings for a few hours until it’s time to eat again.  The shake I made and posted on my Instagram this morning had a 49% Protein – 26% Carb, and 25% Fat ratio.  The primary source of the fats coming from hemp and chia seeds – NOT butter.  

Here is the breakdown of  “Bulletproof Coffee” 16 ounces of coffee mixed with 2 Tablespoons of kerrygold butter and 1 Tablespoon of MCT oil (this is a modest serving. I’ve seen some websites telling people to use 3 Tbsp of butter and 4 Tbsp MCT oil).

Drumroll please….
~335 calories
~38 grams of fat
~0 grams of carbs
~0 grams of fiber
~1 gram of protein

From a nutritional standpoint you can see that this is in no way balanced.  No carbs, no fiber, little protein, lots of fat. Yes, this drink should and will keep you full for a few hours, but here’s the Newsflash: more people than not are also eating breakfast with a side of bulletproof coffee.  So….you do the math on that one.  It’s supposed to be part of an Intermittent Fasting protocol (which again works very well for some, not all) however, I only know a handful of people who truly “eat when they’re hungry and not when they aren’t”.   Meaning most people don’t have the self control/will power to have a butterdrank coffee and not eat again for 4-8 hours.  

Sidenote: While “researching” bulletproof coffee, I read multiple comments on people who are “starving” 2 hours later and wondering if it’s ok to eat or if they’re supposed to “push through” the hunger.  Look people, if you’re truly hungry then drink more water or EAT for heaven’s sake and find something that has a little more fiber and protein to keep you fuller, longer.  I mean, seriously….intentionally “pushing through hunger” brings me back to my days of disordered eating.  And, Ain’t nobody got time for dat – nor the time to recoup from that!

Here’s my point to this post….

It is my intention that you are all creating shakes that are balanced nutritionally in proteins, carbs, and fats.  Meaning protein source + some fruits/veggies + omega/fat source + ice + water = BLEND and drink.  Thus, feeling satisfied and fueled enough for the next few hours. (Need ingredient ideas? Click -> Here)

And lastly……Shakes vs. Juices (Juicing)
The main reason I am not encouraging you to “juice up breakfast” is because when juicing fruits and vegetables more often than not, it involves pressing out the fiber (bye bye good stuff).  Leaving out the fiber is not ideal because fiber slows down the release of sugar into the bloodstream and is meant to promote sustainable energy throughout the body.  When fruits and most vegetables are juiced, and fiber is not added back in (in the form of flax, chia seeds, etc), it turns your refreshing, expensive, gone-in-5-seconds juice, into a sugar shot for the body; giving you immediate energy followed by a sugar crash and leaving your hungry, yet again.

Happy Monday; Keep Shakin, and stay tuned for more info and recipes to come this week.  Planning on posting my crockpot “not-so-pulled beef” recipe later this week.