I LOVE seeing my friends doing well, being successful, and creating bigger and better things.  Watching friends being published in national magazines, getting opportunities to travel across the world, setting new PRs in the gym, opening businesses – every time it happens, it seriously PUMPS ME UP!!

Today my friend Karen from Living Amped launched her Living Amped WOD Deck app.  I downloaded it within seconds of her posting it, not only because I knew it was coming from a highly experienced, professional coach, but also because she is a great friend and I want to support her. If you haven’t checked out the app, it is awesome and includes all body weight exercises great for travelers or people with limited access to equipment.  You can buy it here
Aside from wanting to share Karen’s app with you all, my pure excitement for her got me thinking about a post Jill Coleman shared a few days ago “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Drama” .  You see, the fitness industry can be a tough one.  Sadly, it can turn into a “dog eat dog” profession.  And it shouldn’t be. In fact, it disappoints me when people lack an abundance mentality.  I’ve written about it before here
I love what Jill has to say about insecurity and inauthenticity because I think both of these adjectives are directly associated with a lack of abundance mentality.  It’s something we all need to be reminded of from time to time.
On Insecurity: 

“When I am secure in my stuff, I don’t need to compare or stress about what other people are saying or doing because I’M DOING WHAT I NEED TO DO FOR ME, regardless of what people around me are doing. It’s beautiful. When I’m secure, I wish other people the best because I realize that others’ successes have zero impact on my own success. I don’t feel threatened by what other people are doing or their successes because those have nothing to do with me. Other people’s successes don’t make my own any less likely or my contributions any less important or impactful. I realize that there’s enough money, success and happiness to go around” – Jill Coleman.

On Inauthenticity: 

“When I’m not practicing authenticity, other people (and their successes) feel threatening. I can easily be intimidated by what other people are doing. I can easily resent them. And it’s mostly because on some level, I’m not doing what I need to do for me” Jill Coleman.

It’s easy to become jealous, jaded, and burnt out in this industry when you’re always trying to play “catch up”.  

I saw this little #truthbomb posted the other day:

“Much, much stress results from your wanting to make things happen before their times have come” – Sarah Young. 

Boy, isn’t that the truth?  I always try to remind myself that there is a time and season for everyone and everything.  Don’t get so caught up in your own goals and dreams that you forget to celebrate the successes of others. This world is a big place and it’s so much more enjoyable when we live in it together.

Sidenote: still waiting on my season of muscle ups.  Waiting…..waiting…..