{This is a piece I contributed to the Pump & Shred blog yesterday} 

As a fitness professional, a Pump & Shred coach, as an athlete, as a mentor and as a friend I feel it is my responsibility to be honest with those who seek my help in not only creating healthier habits, but also to those who are on a quest to become fit; super fit, and shreeeeeded.

Here’s the truth; in the real world; in a true state of wellness:
You cannot always be “shredding”.  

There. I said it. As much as we love to parade around with 6-packs, svelte physiques, and ice chests filled with our six meals a day (prepared only by us, because we can trust no others) it’s not a reality.  Just as professional triathletes, football players, CrossFitters, and anyone who follows an appropriate training regimen, go through different “cycles”/seasons: “in-season” and “off-season” training; so do most of us ‘real people.’

Photo Credit: Andreia Brazier Physique Model

I love this picture of professional Physique model, Andreia Brazier. Left: her body “in season” Right: her body “off season”. Beautiful in both pictures, but clearly different looks.

If you’ve ever struggled with feeling comfortable with your body through all “seasons” I encourage you to read the rest of the original post here.