The month of February has absolutely flown by; which means #selflove month on my Facebook page is coming to an end.  Though, because we can all use little SprAnkles of love every now and then, have no fear I will continue to throw in little bits of wisdom – perhaps just when you need it the most.

When I am not writing and producing content on this blog you can find me on the Pump & Shred blog or once every few weeks as a contributing blogger on Compete Every Day.

This past week on the Pump & Shred blog I shared my answers to these questions I get from clients, friends, and even random strangers often.
What do you eat?  Do you really eat the same things every day?
And do you meal prep? How and when do you do it?
You may or may not be surprised to find out my answers. You can read more here.
On the Compete Every Day blog I share a story of an inspiring teacher from Franklin, Indianapolis who reached out to a student in need; stepped up and changed his life for the better.  

“It doesn’t take raising thousands of dollars, countless hours of community service, or elaborate plans to step up and make a change; to change someone’s life for the better.  Sometimes all it takes is a simple invitation; a smile, a word of encouragement, a gesture to show that you care – no judgements, no assumptions.”

Read more about one young man’s struggle to overcoming setbacks the people who helped him here: Step Up and Make a Change.