After last week’s post Dat Cardio Though some of you may be saying, “So, you’re saying I don’t need to spend hours on cardio machines?  Tell me Mel, what should I do now?” 

Intervals, baby! That’s my answer and here’s a quick one for you to try.  I gave this one a whirl on my spin bike at home.  Cut your hour cardio sesh into half as long, but twice as strong!  

Total time: 27:30

The workout:
5 min warm up
5 x 
30 sec sprint/30 sec easy pace
60 sec hard/60 sec easy pace
30 sec sprint/30 sec easy pace
Optional cool down.

I alternated sets of standing out of the saddle and seated.  Feel free to do this on any cardio piece, on the track, outside in the street, uphill – the sky’s the limit.  One rule: GO HARD IN THE PAINT! 😉

And as promised; today’s playlist created by “DJ Shuffle”.

For more workout and interval ideas follow my Pump & Shred partner-in-crime; Jessica Clark’s Instagram page: @jessclarkie.  She’s always posting something sweaty and spicy! Well, and of course feel free to give me a follow as well: @melisaloo.