Last night I moved this book from our office and brought it out to our living room coffee table. If you know me, you know that I am a big believer in positive mantras, verses, pictures; surrounding myself with things and people who inspire and motivate me.  

While the latest celebrity magazine may be fun to flip through in the grocery store line, they are not filled with stories or even lifestyles that I want to mirror my life after; which is why you will not find them on my coffee table.  Though, I do treat myself to reading one sometimes on the plane.

Here’s an excerpt from the Foreward in Athlete that I love; titled The Gift.

“At first, perhaps they think it is their unique personalities that make them different, but soon they look into the mirror and realize that their bodies are engines that move better than other people’s engines, so they learn to oil the engine and exercise it and feed it whatever it takes and open it full throttle.   

Their pursuit, their passion, their sport becomes more than a game, more than scoring points or going faster.  It becomes a narcissistic relationship between the psyche and the soma…..They know every muscle, how it works, how it looks, what it can do.  They observe themselves, as a master sculptor might observe a statue, or a baker will observe a cake, or a builder will observe a home. 

Athletes also have a wariness from knowing that there are rivals out there eager to beat them.  They are constantly being challenged, and they practice compulsively and repetitively so as to always be ready for that challenge” – Howard Schatz.

I doubt I will ever read something as motivating as that in the latest issue of US Weekly or Cosmopolitan.  I always like to remind myself of this quote from Andy Andrews in regards to habits and what I choose to focus my attention towards. 
“My life – my personality, my habits, even my speech – is a combination of the books I choose to read, the people I choose to listen to, and the thoughts I choose to tolerate in my mind” – Andy Andrews.

So….what books are on your coffee table? What do you pick up and flip through? What do your children see you reading?