I once heard someone say that every time we give selflessly, when we bring true happiness and meaning to another person’s life and we feel that joy deep in our hearts, that it’s a tiny glimpse of what heaven will be like.  Experiencing the ultimate joy.  

I’d love to say that I feel that on a daily basis.  But the reality is, it happens only every once in a while.  Not because I’m a selfish person, but because I’m human.  Yes, I give, I help, I serve, but sometimes I get distracted.  I don’t take the time to feel, or to do it with passion, with heart, and well…sometimes I do get caught up in it being about ME.
“Guard your heart above all else; for it determines the course of your life” – Proverbs 4:23.
I find it as no coincidence that every thing I have read, seen, or heard has had this underlying theme in the past few weeks: a refocus on what’s important, why I do what I do, why I have been created and what my purpose is.  


The truth is, when I get caught up in the ME-mentaility I lose sight of where I am going and why.  When I make a clear and conscious decision to fuel my actions with heart, less about me and more about others day to day I am happier, more fulfilled, and motivated to keep following my passion.   
My motivation to pursue my dreams and passions don’t come from ME, rather it comes from the deep sense of responsibility to make a difference for others; to lead where I am led, and to continue to go “deeper than my feet could ever wander”. 
I love this devotional from Grace For the Moment by Max Lucado:

“We make requests, we don’t make demands.  We come with high hopes and a humble heart. We state what we want, but we pray for what is right.”  

Forever remembering to pray for what is right, regardless of what I may want or think.