Yesterday I had the opportunity to hear Jon Acuff speak at an informal meet-up in Austin on bravery and hustle.  There were so many great nuggets of information and motivation that I wanted to write everything down, yet couldn’t pull myself away to take notes.

“Bravery is doing the thing and telling people you did the thing”

“We don’t have to help the entire world to make a difference; we just have to help one person  – Jon Acuff.

These two quotes really stood out to me as I think they are very fitting for this month’s theme of serving others and giving thanks. If you do something courageous and brave, tell someone! If you help others, serve, tell the world! Post it, share it – it will inspire others to do the same. It’s like the butterfly effect of all things good. And the bonus of doing brave things and telling people that you did it this month, is that you could get some pretty cool swag for FREE from me. Yay! Not sure what I’m even talking about? Catch up on my latest project and #GiveThanks November; here
Stumped on ideas? How can you help someone? My friend Kerith, shared this list on her blog last February. Here are just a few opportunities:
1. Leave some cookies and a thank you note for the trash collector
2. Leave some extra buddy bucks taped to the machine at HEB for kids to find
3. Pay for the starbucks order behind you in the drive through
4. Leave an encouraging note on the scale or bathroom mirrors at the gym
5. Go to the hospital & drop off flowers at the nurses station to give to someone without any visitors
6. Handout a bag of treats to someone asking for food on the street
7. Leave cold water for runners along the trail
8. Donate clothing
9. Leave a gift card in a bible at the bookstore for someone to enjoy (& hopefully buy that bible!)
10. Leave an encouraging note on a dressing room mirror
11. Bury toys in the sand pit at the park for kids to discover
12. Leave a lottery ticket taped to the gas pump
13. Take doughnuts to the firestation
14. Take doughnuts to the police station
15. Leave sidewalk chalk at the park
16. Leave some treats at the bus stop
17. Leave baskets with crayons and coloring books in the hospital waiting room
18. Take food to the food bank
19. Take cookies & treats to the Humane Society
20. Take flowers to a nursing home and ask to give to someone who rarely has visitors
See….it really is that easy! Remember to take a picture, share it on the medias and use the hashtag #Serve150 #GiveThanks #tellmemel and/or mention me: @melisaloo. 
Any other ideas I should add to the list? Share those with me, too. The more ways to help, the merrier.  This week’s giveaway is a coffee mug from one of my favorite apparel/lifestyle brands; Compete Every Day. I couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy the nectar of the gods 🙂