The reality is….we all have those days. However, no one particularly likes to talk about them because our highlight reel is much more appealing. But where’s the authenticity in that? How can you relate with someone who “seems to have it all together, 24/7?”

You know, the days when you wake up and for no particular reason your attitude is just “off”? Your natural, happy-go-lucky, I’m gonna conquer the day turns into, “I feel fat, I have such a long day, I just want to stay home and stay in bed” kind of day?
 I can’t possibly be the only one like this. 
Yesterday I had one of those days. One of those days when in retrospect, are the days we can actually learn something from. Here is the negative self-talk that occurred (literally all of these thoughts went through my head yesterday; I was a wreck) followed by the reality of the situation.  
Self Scenario #1: “I feel fat; bulky, just thick in general….
Reality: I have gained some body fat in the past few months. I’m not at my worst and I’m not at my best. Aside from the fact that I’ve gotten significantly stronger in the gym with these newfound #gainz, I’ve also had a fully-functioning period the past three months for the first time in about 10 years (TMI for all you men out there). My body is actually doing what a woman’s body is supposed to be doing, and I’m ovulating – which is a completely new (and weird) experience for me. This is a great discovery for me because it means I can and hopefully in the future try to get pregnant! So if my “feeling fat” and carrying a little extra weight means that my body is finally doing something it should have been doing for several years, then I’d consider this a reality check of: Yo girl; you healthy!
Power Output Challenge; Nov 2014.
Self Scenario #2: “I need another job. I need a new job. Maybe I need to just find something 8-5.”
Reality: I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else than what I am doing. My passion lies in health, fitness, wellness, writing, and interacting with you guys! The holidays (and summer) are always the hardest in the fitness industry because people are busy, trying to “save” money, and find any excuse to not make it into the gym. Every few months I get anxiety about money, needing to make more, wondering where it all goes, etc….for most people, these are normal thoughts. The reality of this negative self-talk is that I am aware of my situation and this calls for a “head down, grind it out, figure it out, put yourself out there, and work” mentality. ACTION. Less (negative) self-talk and more DO.
My hard-working bootcampers!
Self Scenario #3: “I need to sell my car. But I love it. But I need to sell it.”
Reality: Step one is being appreciative that I have a car and am able to put gas into it; although it’s a guzzler. Step two, wash the car, clean out the car, put it on Craigslist and let that make the decision. Step three, oh, I got rear-ended this morning on my way to work. So….all the stress I experienced yesterday in regards to selling my vehicle will be postponed until I figure out if it was damaged or not. 
Who is this woe-is-me, person? And what has she done with Melisa? I mean, for real….No matter what all the other people say and post, I will tell you that every-once-in-a-while we all have those days. I’ve read over a dozen books on self-motivation, inspiration, mindset, etc and the Negative Nancy still creeps in at times.  When this happens, just pause – think about the reality of the situation. Ask yourself, “Is this really a problem? Am I over-reacting, exaggerating the circumstances?” Things and situations can always be a lot worse. And sometimes maybe you just need to go for a run, lift some weights, maybe you’re hangry, or simply just need some quiet time alone to truly reflect and/or pray.
I think Rick {my amazing husband who you should all follow on twitter, who doesn’t tweet nearly as often as me} says it best here:

Look for the positive in every situation….it may be hard to find sometimes, but it’s there.
— Rick Rehm (@2Slick_Rick) December 4, 2014

The next time you experience negative self-talk, you start to doubt your abilities, your place in life, your career decisions, or car woes 😉 take a chill pill, eat a snack, create some quiet time alone and give yourself a big ‘ol reality check. There is a positive in every situation; you just have to look for it.

My final reality check from yesterday’s boohoo fest came together this morning after listening to the message from last week’s Lake Hills Church service. I was reminded that God has a plan for me and although I’m not certain what it is exactly; I need to remain faithful and most of all attentive. So, into the word, I shall dive.