At the beginning of the year, I saw a friend post online a “Proverbs Challenge” for the entire month of January. The challenge was simple: Read a chapter for each day of the month. D-O-N-E. This verse is from today’s reading and I had to read and repeat it over and over to figure out what it meant to me. I immediately knew that I loved it, but I needed to connect it to what I really felt while I was reading it. So, here’s what it means to me:


When I am at peace with who I am, remembering whose I am, and when I truly honor my body for the incredible gift that it is; being “shredded”, weighing a certain amount, fitting into a certain size, having to appeal to all people at all times (which is impossible)  – becomes minuscule in the grand plan of life. 


Finding that peaceful balance (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) is a constant work in progress. However the more “at peace” I become and continually reminding myself to be patient, to enjoy the journey that is 100% mine, the healthier I allow my body to become as well. The physical changes that follow (or not) are merely a bonus. 

For years (gosh, decades now) I literally ran after a body-type, an ideal body – and not necessarily a healthy one. Going forward it is my mission for myself and for others to achieve a truly healthy body; regardless of the size, shape, or appearance. What good is the “perfect body” if what’s on the inside is broken? 

Rhythm, Balance, Patience in 2015.

 I’d love to hear what this verse means to you. Does it strike the same chord with you that it did with me?