I know what you’re thinking: How can someone who doesn’t drink and goes to bed at 9pm most nights be “fun”? I’d wonder the same thing, too…but my version of “fun” is probably a bit different than most peoples.

This January, the mantra I set for the year (before I knew I was pregnant) was Rhythm, Balance, Patience. It’s safe to say over the past 9+ months I have pretty much adopted that mantra 100%. I have a rhythm I follow most days: Sleep 8-9 hours a night, work, workout, relax, make dinner, bedtime. This rhythm has helped me feel like a champ throughout my pregnancy. And the patience part; well that goes without saying. When you find out you’re having a baby 5 weeks into the 40 week process; you have no choice but to be patient, patient, and more patient. It’s a virtue I’m not used to embracing, but have come very “comfortable” with.

And BALANCE – this is where “Fun Mel” comes in. I can honestly say I feel the most balanced I have ever felt in my life.


Pre Pregnancy: Workouts were 2x/day at least 4 days and week; sometimes 3x/day. Totaling close to 2-3 hours.

Preggo Life: Workout 1x/day; 5-6 days a week. Totaling 40-70 minutes at the most. Which means more time for frands and fun!


A little “Flex Fun” with my swole sista, Vicki after this Saturday’s workout. {38 Weeks}













Pre Pregnancy: If someone asked me to go to lunch, I’d find a way to make it a coffee date or meet for a workout instead. Or I’d ask to meet at a place like Whole Foods so I could bring my own lunch or just drink a protein shake – because I never really was a big lunch eater. It’s a terrible habit that started in college when we had two-a-day practice for Cross Country & Track. I didn’t want to eat a lot at lunch (typically consisted of an apple, peanut butter and maybe a granola bar or just a Clif bar) because I didn’t want a lot of food sitting in my stomach for afternoon practice. And so the habit continued after college because I’d either be teaching a group fitness class or working out AGAIN in the afternoon.

Preggo Life: “Do I want to meet for lunch?” Heck yes, I do. Where? When? Let’s EAT! This baby (and her momma) needs food! I’ve gone to lunch with friends more the past 9 months than I have in probably 5+ years. It’s been so nice to socialize with my friends and actually enjoy noontime meals. B-A-L-A-N-C-E!


Friday Night Hopdoddy Fun with Friends!



Pre Pregnancy: My food intolerances kept me from enjoying the finer things in life; like some gluten, dairy, and pretty much anything “fun”. And quite honestly, food intolerances weren’t all to blame. I had just convinced myself to not eat or “not like” certain foods until now – mostly because they were “bad” for me. {It’s like my bestfriend who claims she doesn’t like donuts or bacon. Come on….no one doesn’t like either one of those foods…one just brainwashes themselves not to like them.}

Preggo Life: It’s been amazing! All of my food intolerances are gone. I’m drop dead serious. I can eat gluten and dairy with zero side effects. Now, all you food nazis hold up from you “shun the non-believer” comments. It’s not like I go out of my way to eat these things (unless buying a box of Organic cheese crackers and Nilla wafers on a bi-monthly basis counts) but I’m not the annoying food snob, the “I can’t eat that” therefore “I can’t go to dinner with yall” that I once was. I really feel a lot less annoying and eating has been a lot more fun! I can actually have a bit more variety in my life; with mindfulness of course.


If you’ve never had pizza from Via313; you must go immediately and try it!

I’ve had friends ask me, “So what are you going to do when you’re not pregnant anymore?” in regards to my eating habits. Because again, I’m a lot more fun to eat around when my nose isn’t constantly in the air. Quite honestly, I’m not sure. This balance and variety in my life (rest, activity, social life, and food) has done wonders for my hormones, soul, and overall mood. My thyroid levels are the best they have ever been and my body feels rested. I’d like to think it’s the fact I’m not overworking myself and I actually eat to nourish not only my body but little Pepper’s as well. So, will I continue to buy cheese crackers, nilla wafers, and eat donut holes on (some) weekends after workouts after Pepper is here…..I’m not sure. But what I hope remains is my sense of balance and the ability to enjoy food, to not fear it, or make it something more than it is. Because IT’S JUST FOOD.

Now, I don’t want all of you to take away from this post that Mel says “EAT ALL THE FOOD and EVERYTHING YOU WANT BECAUSE YOU’RE MORE FUN WHEN YOU DO.” That’s not what I am saying. Because when you do eat all of the food and anything you want; while throwing all caution into the wind; you most likely are not balanced and are not fun to be around because you probably feel miserable! What I am saying is to maybe evaluate if you have balance in your life when it comes to exercise, rest, nutrition, and your social life. I know a lot of people who say balance is impossible – but that’s not entirely true. I think you find “balance” in what you choose to. Saying that it’s impossible is kind of a copout to just continue in one extreme or the other.


Here’s to 8 days before our little bundle of amazing joy arrives! Seems so close; yet so far away. Prayers and positive vibes are more than welcome 🙂

All my mommas out there; I’d love to hear how you felt about food/nutrition and your fitness when you were pregnant. Leave me a comment here or on my Facebook page!