Let me start by saying I am not one of those moms and this is not one of those blogs where I passive aggressively talk about my child or motherhood. I’m not going to post funny, yet sarcastic and mostly negative “I wish they would have told me this, that, and the other about motherhood/babies/sleeping/etc.” Any time I see those posts I ignore them because while they often times accurately depict life with a newborn or toddler; they are not always the case and not all mothers agree or feel the same way. Some of the posts that I read sound just downright ungrateful. I prayed that I would be blessed with this child; why would I ever want to talk or write about her negatively just to get a lot of likes and shares?

Buuuuut…with that being said, have you ever noticed that babies have highlight reels, too? We are all aware that most people post pictures and captions and status updates with all the wonderful, amazing things going on – that’s their “highlight reel”.

And yes, babies have fallen victims to this, too. Now, please understand there’s no need to sound the alarms and offer mindset workshops for babies to help them work on their self image; that would be pure ridiculous. But for real. We typically see just the images of perfection when people share pictures of their kids. Half the reason I posted this picture of Pepper’s blowout is because this sh*t is for real. Literally.


Pepper is 3 months old today. I’m not one to keep stats of all she has accomplished month to month; so I usually just take a picture of her with the monthly sticker on her outfit and post it. Done. However, if I were to do so would I feel the pressure to share only the highlights that sound wonderful? (To be quite honest, she is pretty wonderful almost always).

I mean, it can kind of suck if you’re one to play the comparison game when you see other parents post pictures of their baby with the highlight stats. I can see the wheels of comparison turning now….

“What? She’s a month younger and already sleeping through the night?”

“She’s already smiling?”

“He’s crawling already? When is my baby going to get with it?”

“I wish my baby was already doing ‘x,y,z’”

What if we really posted the accuracy of what occurs during the months? If I were to share stats on Pepper from her 1-3 months and shared them honestly, they’d say something like:

  • Her baby acne at 6 weeks old resembled that of a very hormonal teenager.
  • She absolutely LOSES. IT. Like end of the world, when you try to put a pacifier in her mouth and she doesn’t want it.
  • She loves eating – but only when she’s hungry. Try putting a boob in her mouth when she’s not and she gets piiiiiiisssssed. Especially when said boob squirts milk all over her face.
  • Sometimes when she’s pooping it sounds like the grand finale of a fireworks show in her pants.
  • Yes, she sleeps through the night. If sleeping through the night means: sleeps 4-5 hours in her bassinet, falls asleep on mom’s chest after eating for another hour, then maybe sleeps in her bassinet for 1-2 hours, and finishes her slumber in our bed (usually snuggling with mommy) until we wake up in the morning.
  • Sometimes when she sucks her thumb/fingers she looks like she’s ready to enter a wet t-shirt contest by the amount of drool she leaves on her chest.

Of course, she does have her own highlight stats like: loves to smile – when she does her eyes light up and her cheeks stretch a mile wide. She makes great eye contact and loves cooing at her daddy. She’s an amazing napper. She loves going for walks in her K’tan and ErgoBaby. She loves running in the BobStroller; she loves her paci and her thumb. “Baby says, Peekaboo” is her favorite book.


3 Month pic: “I do what I wanna!”

I know I’m still new at this mom thing, but to say it has been anything short of amazing is an understatement. In the last 3 months I have learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned a lot about patience, staying calm under pressure –babies can sense when you’re anxious thus making them more anxious. I’ve learned that every single baby is different and reaches milestones on their own timetable. I’ve learned to go with the flow and that I’m not a “follow a schedule” kind of mom – we live every day on the fly. We have a routine, but not a schedule. I’ve also learned that moms, too are all different and have different parenting styles/philosophies – guess that’s what makes the world go round. Every day a new adventure awaits and I’m glad I get to spend most days with her. Here’s to sharing the realness of being a baby; it really is as they say all “shits and giggles.” 🙂

I’d love to hear your non-traditional “baby milestones”. Leave me a comment; let’s share a laugh.