This weekend kicked off The Combine Strength & Conditioning’s annual Primal Challenge – an 8 week competition to push the members to become more powerful, stronger, improve body composition, and more.  I decided to do the challenge because I am ready to get back into competing and regaining my strength/get stronger. Part of the challenge, as I mentioned above, includes points for improvement in body composition; which means participants have the option to follow the Renaissance Periodization Strength diet templates. I went back and forth about whether or not I wanted to pursue that option. Honestly (and probably for the first time in my life), I could care less about my body composition. More than anything I just want to get back into the physical shape I was pre-pregnancy (not necessarily physique shape). Of course, I would like to tighten my physique up a bit – but not for the sake of my mental and emotional stability. I know with time and being aware of what and how I’m eating vs. restricting and obsessing, it will come. Plus, I am breastfeeding and plan to for at least the next 9+ months so I know I need to keep a little body fat around to make sure my little Pep gets some good quality milk.




However, I did purchase the RP fat loss templates because I always like to learn and study other programs that are out there in the health, fitness, and nutrition/diet world. After looking over it and hearing feedback from friends who have gone through the program it’s pretty much same sh*t, different name. I don’t mean that in any negative way towards this program specifically. I have seen, tried, and studied numerous diets/nutrition plans in the past 20 years and they basically have the same principles and structures; especially ones geared towards athletes. Timing carbs around workouts, building up calories to gradually cut them down for fat loss, on and on and on.

“What if you stopped spending all that time trying to find what’s “right” and started focusing on doing what “works” for you?
Blogs, books, magazine articles, podcasts, programs, marketing, documentaries, social media and Ted Talks. Has all that information made the difference?
Information is not transformation. Transforming the body is more about learning you than learning something “out there.” Stop being a dieter. Become a detective. Discover and do what works for you!” – Metabolic Effect

When I saw Metabolic Effect post this over the weekend I felt like it was speaking to me directly – I don’t need to follow or try another diet out there – I need to learn ME and do ME. This isn’t a cop-out, nor am I telling you that you don’t need to diet. That’s your decision; you know you.

This is me knowing that I don’t have the mental or emotional energy to count every ounce and gram that goes into my body and to make sure I’m consuming them at exactly the right time according to a generic template that isn’t designed for me and my body specifically. This is me knowing that I know what to do. This is me for once in my life feeling comfortable around food in all occasions and situations. This is me freeing myself from years of obsession with how my body looks. This is me focusing more on how it performs and how I feel.

Structure, numbers of calories, fats, proteins, sugar and meal timing truthfully is very appealing to me because I have type A tendencies. I can easily go into robot mode and become obsessive and own the crap out of it – and while it does work for me and I know it will get me some awesome results, I also know I will hate myself and every minute of it. But that’s just me and that’s how I feel in this moment in time. Perhaps, one day I’ll seek out a fat loss plan that includes all of this – it’s more likely that I won’t because I like knowing mentally that I can eat anything I want; whenever I want. <—— with the key to that being I don’t all the time and I don’t eat everything all the time.

I overheard someone say the other day, “We can’t go eat brunch because I can’t eat anything!!” I remember being and saying that same exact thing many times in the past when I’ve been on a diet or part of a challenge. And I hate when people say that or feel that way; just as I hated feeling that way – because (unless you have a specific food allergy) we can eat anything; we can do whatever we want. But there’s something about being told you can’t eat certain things, or you’re not “allowed” to have carbs at one of your meals because it isn’t in your plan, that you feel like you can’t eat anything – when in fact, there’s plenty of other things you can eat.

Most people who have tried more than a handful of diets know what to do; they’ve just heard it presented too many different ways and are confused as hell. It all usually boils down to this: eat less of the crap food, more of the good stuff, more veggies, prioritize protein, carbs are not bad if you eat them in the right amounts, eat plenty of healthy fats, consume alcohol and sugar in moderation, move your body, drink lots of water, get adequate sleep, and minimize stress. Chances are there isn’t something new out there to learn that’s going to get you the body of your dreams – it’s more in the actual decision to do the things you already know; day after day, week after week, year after year.

I’ll keep you posted on my Primal Challenge progress – in the meantime, do you – you know what to do!