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Religion. Politics. and Diet.

Discussing diet and health is becoming a lot like talking about politics and religion. People get super protective and preachy about which method; way of eating they prefer and the majority of the time try to persuade others to do the same – regardless of... read more

When Healthy Habits Go Wrong

“So many fitness journeys start with wanting to be healthy and then end in doing unhealthy things to get lean/big” – Justin Cas. It’s true. Everyone’s health and fitness journey is truly unique. We all come into them with different previous life experiences, dietary... read more

#GiveThanks November

Last week I shared with my subscribers this month’s TellMeMel theme, giveaways, and project. In case you missed my newsletter, here’s what’s happening all this month and how you can get involved!    In the past few years throughout the month of... read more

Stand Up and Do Something

“But we’re never going to change the world by standing still” – Matthew West. I recently just finished reading the book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” and shared my thoughts on today’s Compete Every Day blog here.  The book is about creating a better life... read more

Recipe Round Up: 5 Recipes + 1 “Mocktail”

More often than not, when I test out new recipes, I post the finished products on Instagram and my Tell Me Mel Facebook page.  So just in case you aren’t following me on either of those medias I’m sharing 5 of my favorite meals + 1 “mocktail”... read more

Finding What Works – The Journey From Within.

A few weeks ago after I posted the status on my Facebook page about finding “what works for you”, I realized that “what works” can mean completely different things to different people.  And it can also be warped by what you think you should... read more

When in Doubt – Keep It Simple

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that when I cook or share recipes; they typically include minimal ingredients and are fairly simple; to the point.  The less fuss, the better in my opinion. And because I don’t meal prep dinners, I like... read more

If You’re Gonna Procrastibake; Here’s How to Do It

Y’all; remember when I said I get annoyed with super long intros to recipe posts? Well let’s just get over it together and carry on…just this one time.    It’s a for real word. In Urban Dictionary. I Procrastibake often. After dinner snacking... read more

“Just Eat Healthy”…..Really?

“Skip the diet; just eat healthy.”    Photo Credit: Sounds too simplistic to be true; I know. We like the feeling of knowing “the numbers,” we need to be put in a box, with clearly defined guidelines, or following a certain... read more

Could This Be the #1 Strategy to Anti-Aging?

Spirit: the force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy, and power. the inner quality or nature of a person. ( Sprout: to produce new leaves. to grow or develop; spring up. to send out new growth.  ( read more

The “ME Mentality” Serves ME, Not Others

I once heard someone say that every time we give selflessly, when we bring true happiness and meaning to another person’s life and we feel that joy deep in our hearts, that it’s a tiny glimpse of what heaven will be like.  Experiencing the ultimate joy.  ... read more


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